If you want to schedule some messages on your WhatsApp, there are some ways, although some people are not going to like this method because they need some third-party apps, if you don't worry about it, today we are going to tell you how you can schedule messages through Android or iPhones on WhatsApp. Like we've just told you that if you don't want to use any third-party apps, or in no way want to give your data to a third-party app, you'll have to wait for WhatsApp to officially wait until this feature arrives, although those who want to see the process want to schedule messages on WhatsApp, etc. We have brought a good way for them today. So let's start not too late and tell you how you can schedule WhatsApp messages.

How to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android: 

We have already told you above that we are going to need some third-party apps, so if you are ready, you can read further, and if not, you will have to officially wait for this feature to arrive on behalf of WhatsApp, even after that you can read further for your information. So let's start.

For this you're going to need the SKEDit App in your Android device, first of all, by visiting the Google Play Store, you can download and install it. Now that it gets into your phone, you need to open the app and build an account. After signing in, you have to select WhatsApp, it is going to look at you in a list, then you have to tap on WhatsApp once again. You then need to give this app a mission, after which it can access your phone. Now you have to return to the app. Now you have to add this person here, now you have to write this message and then enter the time you want to schedule it. Then you're going to see a toggle that will ask you, 'Ask Me Before Sending.' You can either turn it on or let it stay off, depending entirely on your wishes.

How to schedule WhatsApp messages in iOS:

Now here we already tell you that you don't need any third-party apps in iOS, you need Siri Shortcuts to do so. Let's now know how you can do it.

All you need to do here is to go to the Apple App Store and download the shortcut app. Now you have to choose the automation option that you are looking at the bottom. You can then enter personal automation here by visiting the '+' sign. Then you have to choose the time and date when you want to run this automation, then you have to tap next. Then you have to choose the add action, then you have to choose the text option. Then enter your message and then tap '+.' Then choose WhatsApp, then in the action list, you will have to choose the 'Send a message via WhatsApp' option. Then select what you want to send the message. Then you can do all the details if you want to check, then select the done.

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