Continuous efforts are being made to deal with the COVID-19, and awareness is being spread in every way to avoid this infection. Because of this, the World Health Organization has given 5 special tips to keep our diet healthy to protect our food from contamination. These are the 5 special mantras of WHO in this article.

It is a common thing to store food in the refrigerator. We all do that, including both vegetables and cooked food. But when we store them in our fridge, there is a need to take special care of certain things about which the World Health Organization (WHO) has given these 5 formulas about a healthy diet. The World Health Organization is giving information through video how you can keep the food in your refrigerator bacteria and viruses free, and what are these bacteria and viruses?

The video on the WHO side says that we store our food in the refrigerator or other places, so they have 3 kinds of microorganisms. These include bacteria, viruses, and fungus. First of all, they are microorganisms that work to make our food tasty and healthy, such as good bacteria from milk to yogurt. The other kind of microorganism is those that completely spoil the taste of food and come from that food.

The third microorganism is those that do not reveal anything about taste and smell. According to WHO, the third microorganism is dangerous for our health, as it does not reveal anything from taste and smell. But in the second number of microorganisms, we know, because the other microorganisms start to come out of the food and the taste of food also changes. We do not know about the microorganism of the third category, and we eat food. They are usually found to be more in nonveg food.

The World Health Organization has outlined 5 mantras to keep food healthy:

First of all, when you hand over anything, clean the hands thoroughly with soap. When you keep food in the refrigerator, keep both raw and cooked food separately. In such cases, pathogenic microorganisms are not able to grow comfortably. Cook the food thoroughly to avoid pathogenic microorganisms. Avoid eating raw or undercooked food. Use clean water while cooking. Store the food at the right temperature so that the bacteria do not grow.

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