The fourth phase of the lockdown has been started. People have been prohibited from getting out of the house without necessary work. Due to continuous stay in the house, there has been an irregularity in the routine of the people, and people are eating more. Due to which the problem of weight gain has also become commonplace. While staying at home and eating more, the home budget also starts deteriorating. With health, the household budget does not get disturbed. It is important that you include these things in your routine. By doing so, you will also be able to reduce the growing weight and avoid eating upside down.

Most of the time of the people at home have reduced the calorie spending of the body. If you cut the food itself, you will get rid of the growing weight. If you are constantly living in the house, children and big junk food and cheese-filled foods are demanding. So keep the healthy options for him. Give the children some healthy and chatty food so that they fill their stomachs and do not ask for junk food again and again. By doing so, you will also be able to make children's health and avoid obesity.

Include workouts in the routine. There will be no need to get out of the house for exercise. Walk thirty minutes into the house, it can be completed by making several rounds on the terrace or in the room or garden. To maintain the physical activities of the children, motivate them to play games like rope jumping. Include fiber substances in children's food so that their stomach is full and the digestive system is right.

Decide on the day to eat the same kind of snacks. This will enable all to avoid eating packaged foods. Do not eat food by watching TV and set the time of bedtime at night. So that hunger can be controlled, and overeating can be avoided. If you have to avoid eating more, drink water ten to fifteen minutes before eating. By doing so, only the food that is needed will be eaten, and it will help to digest the food.

If you are fond of eating sweet food after eating, it is not good for sweet health. So brush after eating food to eliminate this habit. Brushing will clean the teeth and mouth and also remove the craving of some sweet food.

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