The immune system or system of the body most noticed during the corona infection period is our immune system, immunization, and immunity system. We have an immunization that protects us from diseases. It fights toxins like bacteria, viruses, fungus, and protects our body from getting sick. If our immunization is strong, viral infections like colds cough keep us away from us. Strong immunization also protects lung, kidney and liver infections, hepatitis, and other serious diseases. Coronavirus infection is being said from the beginning that the immunization that will weaken is more prone to infection. That is why all doctors, specialists, and health agencies are advising to maintain the immunization.

In fact, there are many infectious substances or pathogens around us. We do not realize it, and we take it with food and drink. In a polluting environment, we absorb harmful substances as well as breathing. However, even after this, if we are not sick, the reason behind this is our strong immune system. Those whose immune system is weak cannot tolerate even the slightest allergy and fall ill in such situations. The blood report is often used to find out what the person's immunization is, but when the immune system weakens, our body also starts giving a variety of signals.

Do you often stay sick, or get sick sooner than others? If so, your immunization is weak. There are many other signs, such as-

1- Frequent colds 

2- Frequent cough or sore throat 

3- Constant fatigue, laziness

4- Non-filling of a wound for a long time, etc.

The immune system can also cause problems such as skin rashes, i.e., rashes on the body. Frequent gum inflammation, mouth ulcers, UTI, diarrhea, etc., are also symptoms of weak immunization. Lack of sleep, depression, and dark circles are also a sign of weak immunity. Some of us get sick when there is a slight change in the weather. This happens because of the effect on body temperature. Normal body temperature should not be below 36.3 °c for a strong immune system.

Flu viruses survive at 33 degrees. If the temperature is correct, they will not affect your body. By doing yoga, exercise, you can keep your body temperature right, and it will continue to be your immunization. He also advises the use of spices that produce warmth such as garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, etc. Prolonged fever can also be a sign of weak immunization. Most people eat medicine in a fever so that fever does not work positively in our body. Even after infection, if you have not had a fever for many years, it can also be a symptom of weak immunization. In the corona period, most people have understood the importance of vitamin D. Vitamin D strengthens our immunization, but most people lack it. The easiest source is sunlight, which we are deprived of. In the first winter season, the way people were sunbathing could not happen now. Therefore, a vitamin pill is required.

If your blood report lacks vitamin D, you need to be careful. This will directly affect your immune system. Therefore, medicines, supplements, etc., should be taken to correct the level of vitamin D in the body. The pill comes, the milk is mixed with powders to drink. However, it is the easiest way to sit in the direct light of the sun.

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