When the corona came, it was far away from us, the news of another country, because of the prodigy. And then when it came to near, it came with the power that all were forced to lurk in their own homes. The experience of the Corona period was so unpredictable for people, which they would not have imagined in their dreams either. Our generations have not seen any pandemic that has any experience in dealing with it. Governments made decisions. For the first time, governments' decisions were taken not at the political level, but by asking experts. And what has been more important than democratic traditions in these decisions has been how to save people's lives, how to manage the livelihoods of those who have been affected, and what to do to reduce the loneliness of those who are forced to stay at home.

Many people in the democracies of the West have never demonstrated their democratic rights through the court, sometimes performing. The pressure was put on governments, debating their decisions, bringing out their flaws. Governments made the necessary changes to maintain a democratic system so that elections continue to take place despite the lockdown, and people have the opportunity to work as far as possible in the safety of the house. The society we live in is a society based on economic development. If there is a job, then there will be income, and from income, life will continue to be on its own pattern. The lockdown caused by the corona disturbed the structure. At the moment, there is an attempt to bring back the same structure, but the lockdown experiences have also shown us that life can go the other way. In an environmentally effective manner, instead of harnessing nature, society can grow while protecting it.

Everyone in lockdown has had their own difficulties, having their own experience. What did you think of yourself and your society? Corona's challenge has, for the first time, threaded the whole world into one thread. It was never so clear before that the door of our lives is associated with each other. The solution to the problem is in coming with us, in our shared efforts. In India or here in Europe, even though the pandemic has been one, the challenges and experiences are different.

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