Smoking affects not only your body but also your skin. Smoking causes many skin problems. People who smoke more cigarettes are facing this problem and are taking measures to overcome this problem. They do not realize that these problems are caused by their excessive cigarette smoking. So let's know how smoking more cigarettes affects the skin...

Decreased facial brightness

Smoking is more or less injurious to health. Smoking more cigarettes can also be dangerous in many ways for health. Smoking reduces the light of the face. If you also smoke and your face is decreasing day by day, understand that it is happening because of smoke.


Nowadays, women are also increasing lysis in women rather than men. Because of this, most women are suffering from skin related problems. Smoking more cigarettes also acne on the faces of many women.

Hair problem 

Having cigarettes etc. can be very dangerous for you. It also affects our hair. Smoking cigarettes damages the DNA of the hair, causing it to weaken and become rough. It is better to make a distance from cigarettes.

Tooth yellowing

Because of smoking more cigarettes, the teeth gradually begin to turn yellow. You must have noticed this thing. Cigarettes have the highest amount of nicotine, which makes the teeth yellow. Because of this, your beauty also starts to decrease.

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