The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced last week that the Rs 2000 note is being withdrawn.


From May 23 through September 30, anyone who currently possesses these notes can deposit or exchange them. In its statement, the Reserve Bank of India clarified that a person might exchange up to 20,000 rupees worth of Rs 2000 note in a single day. So tell us how much money can be deposited into a bank account once.


What is the limit for a bank account?

The Reserve Bank of India announced that anyone may deposit Rs. 2000 note into his account at any bank on May 19, 2023. Therefore, the previous regulation of depositing into a bank account will remain in effect. There will consequently be no restriction on depositing 2000 Rupee notes.


It will be required to deposit money in the bank account.

The amount that can be deposited into a bank account is unlimited. However, putting 2000 rupee notes would be difficult if your KYC is incomplete. Let us inform you that the RBI's press release clarified that the Rs 2000 rupee note can be exchanged starting on May 23.


A person should first deposit Rs 2000 notes into his account if he wants more than Rs 20,000. And take the equivalent amount out of the bank. Please inform them that they cannot refuse to exchange a 2000 Rupee note.