Pediatricians and psychiatrists have been continuously increasing such cases in recent times. The troubled parents are constantly calling the West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights (PROTECTION) helpline. The Counsels of the Commission have counseled many children and adolescents. The same is the case in the rest of the country. Now the problem is likely to be more serious in case the lockdown escalates. Millions of children and their parents are undergoing the same condition as the closure of the school and street parks due to the ongoing lockdown for the past 20 days. India has the highest child population in the world. According to rough estimates, there are more than 47 crore children in the country. The seriousness of the problem of them and their family members can be understood. This problem is becoming more serious, especially in single families in cities. That is why the daily number of phones on the helpline of all institutions working in the interest of children, including the West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights, has been increasing steadily.

The Commission has also expressed concern over the change in the mental state of the children, saying that the situation may worsen due to lockdown and escalation. Nowadays, teenagers especially prefer to spend some time alone in their home as per their choice. Some like to play with their friends and fight the gapes. But because of the lockdown, it has stopped because of the parents' stay in the house. Most parents unnecessarily go to their rooms to keep an eye on the children and expect everything. This is particularly increasing the pressure on teenage boys and girls. As a result, they are causing irritability. This irritability is coming out as an inexplicable outrage.

At present, many parents are also working from home to office. They have to strike a balance between home and office work. This is also creating extra pressure on their minds. Because of this, most people rebuke children. It puts pressure on the children. Parents also have future concerns. Will such a long lockdown secure jobs or not? And if so, how long? In addition, most private companies have also announced not to pay salaries or to pay while office closures. Because of this, parents are also under stress.

Children are facing such a situation for the first time in their lives when they are locked in their homes for 20 consecutive days. Neither can go out to play nor go to school. There is no meeting with a friend. How long will the children be able to flow from mobile, computer, and TV? In fact, they are not able to reconcile with the situation. Because of their age, they have not been able to develop their ability to adapt to the situation. Is there no way to avoid this situation? Despite the closure of schools, children should study according to the earlier routine. Parents can give them daily homework like school teachers. Also, they should be motivated to participate in various activities within the home. If possible, the parents should also take the time to join the children in such activities. This will not make the child feel isolated. At the same time, they have to explain that this round will pass soon.

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