According to science, conflicts between loved couples can improve their relationship. It doesn't matter how much strong bond you share with your partner, there will be the time comes where you get into an argument, and for the time being, it will upset you. However, as per science, these conflicts and disagreements makes your relationship even healthier.

We always consider fight is a bad sign of any relation, that doesn't mean that your connection is getting weaker with your love one.  Fighting with your partner helps to make your relation more firm and unyielding as long as the couple show their positive attitude and stay focused to find solution for disagreement. It is always necessary to keep your mind calm and discuss things which can resolve problems and issues.

Recently published article from the Journal of Family Psychology shows It's totally up to you and your willingness to resolve any issue with your clear mind. And once you will able to repair your damaged relationship with your behavior, it creates long-lasting affection for your partner. 

Every couple dispute it doesn't matter how close they are, but a happy couple knows how to handle the situation maturely. Mature partners may have different perspectives, but they know how to tackle any conflict without disrespecting others opinion.

Some times small disagreement creates a problematic situation where both don't want to take their step back, and this will inevitably confirm that both are not happy with each other. But any grown-up couple respect partner's point of view and without showing ego, they apologize to each other that brings fire in their relationship.

If you are having any disagreement with your partner, do not ever try to dodge it. Indeed, couples won't be able to find a solution for all fights, but understanding other's feeling and showing it really matters to be in relation with them build faith in any bond. 

So always remember if you get in to fight with your partner might be it will bring opportunity to give extra intimate spark to your relationship. 

image credit : lovepanky