It is sad that thousands of people die in the world because they do not get the right organ transplant when they need it. Even when technologies have evolved in the field of science which let donate organs like liver, lungs and kidney etc from one person to another, there is no perfect availability of such organs for donation. By donating these organs to someone in need, the donor gives him a new life. The demand of these organs is very high and the supply is not sufficient which leads to thousands of death each year. 

Both living and deceased can donate organs to the needy. Deceased may sign an agreement with some medical institution which allows them to donate their heart, kidney, lungs, liver and other organs after their death. If you wish, your death can help a recipient live. You must donate so that it can help them lead a new life of happiness. The ratio states that about 40% of the people that dies each year can be an eligible donor but among them, only 15% express their concern for donating their organs to the people who are in the waiting lists of receiving these required organs. After analyzing everything there are only 7% successful donor transplant operations that are carried out each year. 

There has been a tremendous rise in the ratio of patients in the organ waiting lists but there is no subsequent increase in the number of the donor. This is the right time when people understand the beauty of donation of organs and take the movement to ask their children to donate their organs after their death. It is very obvious to understand the fact that organs with which you are living today will of no use for you after your death. They can’t be either used by your son or daughter, so it is a nice thought to donate it to someone who can use in a better way.

When you will take this decision you will always be remembered even after your death. The recipient will be thankful to you and will respect your organs forever.  For many, it can be a life-saving option and by donating something which is no more use to you, you can save his/her life. It is a great opportunity that let you help others. By donating your eyes, your heart, liver, kidney, pancreas etc. you can save at least 8 lives after your death and when this is multiplied, organ donations can save more than thousands life.

If this process of organ donation grows, soon there will be no waiting list and there will no death due to the scarcity of organ. So, by registering yourself with the right medical institute become a deceased donor and grant life to someone in need after your death.