As of today, users use smiley emojis while chatting from WhatsApp to Instagram. Interestingly, users now make their emotions by sending emojis only for laughter and love. But do you know when and how the emoji started? So let's know about this in detail...

Smiley emoji started in 1963

In the year 1963, a US insurance company approached Harvi Ras Ball, a public relations company, to persuade and zealously fill his angry employees. The company then told Harvi that we have merged with another company, which has angered our employees. After that, Harvi made a laughing face of yellow, which, after seeing all the employees were very happy. Since then, it is known as smileys. Harvi had 45 dollars (about Rs 3,100) to make this laughing face.

Smiley Face Stamp

The smiley emoji was very popular among people. That was the reason why about 5 crore smiley face buttons were sold in the year 1971. Not only that, in 1999, the US postal department also issued a stamp of the smiley face.

First-time smiley use in computer 

19 September 1982, first prof. At Kurgy Milon University in the United States. Scott E. Falman used this smiley on the computer. Since then, the trend of smileys had grown rapidly in the computer.

68 percent of young people use smiley emoji 

According to media reports, 68 percent of youth from 19 to 25 years use emoji during a daily chat. On the other hand, 48 percent of people over the age of 50 use smileys during the conversation.

World Emoji Day is being celebrated all over the world on 17 July. Let's say emoji sits in a kind of pictograph. 'Emoji' is composed of the words 'E ( picture) and Moji (eligible) of the Language of the Japanese language. Emoji are ideogram or smiley, which is used in the phone during messaging and chatting. We see facial gestures, place, weather, animals, hand action, home, trains, vegetation, flowers, gifts, and many more things in the phone's chatting box as emoji. Through them, anything can be easily explained without speaking. In a way, it can also be said that emoji is becoming part of our life nowadays.

Emoji was before emoticons:

Let's say the emoji started in Japan. In the last of the decade 90, emoji first appeared on Japanese mobile phones. Since then, it is quite popular. Gradually, it expanded all over the world. During 1990, people in Japan communicated through emoticons before emoji, even in which people did not need to say anything. Only through a few numbers in the message, the gestures were understood to be any emotion, but gradually the round ended, and the emoji started. The first emoji was created in 1999 by Japanese artist Shigeta Arita. At that time, Shigeta Kurita worked in Japan's largest telecom company NTT Docomo.

186 emojis initially created:

It is said that Kurita wanted to create an attractive interface through which it could be easily communicated. So, he simultaneously created and used several emojis for mobile and computer. According to the Wired report, Kurita initially made a total of 186 emojis, which have now been placed in a US museum. Those emojis had pictures of facial gestures, places, weather, animals, hand action, home, heart trains, vegetation, flowers, gifts, and many more. Then it was the beginning of a new visual message. Gradually, it became popular all over the world with Japan.

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