All people use WhatsApp for photo and video sharing with messaging in today's generation. Also, video and voice calls can be made through this. But a few days before, Israel's spy company NSO had hacked the WhatsApp of Indian reporters through Pegasus. On the other hand, a recent article has come out, which has revealed that hackers are hacking people's WhatsApp by transferring MP4 videos through spyware like Pegasus.

Hackers send malware (viral) MP4 videos files from the unknown number of people on their WhatsApp to target them. Downloading such videos hacks users' private data. While the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) came to know about the threat, they immediately put the virus in the category of High Severity.

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Israel's spy firm NSO had hacked the data of millions of WhatsApp users through Pegasus spyware. On this issue, Facebook had stated that WhatsApp could steal data from a video with MP4 format due to buffer overflow. CERT was also proclaimed to have been hacking from the video at the time of the Pegasus attack.

According to the statement, taking advantage of this technological flaw, hackers can effortlessly hack the platforms of DOS, Android, iOS, and windows. Besides, cyber-attachments install malware programs or apps in the device by sending videos with viruses on users' WhatsApp from anonymous numbers. However, WhatsApp has released a new safety patch to fix this problem. At present, the social media company has not shared much news related to this hacking.

WhatsApp (Whatsapp) had accused Israel's spy company NSO Group of following on Indian journalists and social activists. WhatsApp had also accused Israel's spy company while verifying the hacking. The NSO has developed this software with specific technology. The company can effortlessly hack the operating system of any Android, iOS, and Blackberry through this method.

The operator compels the user to tap on a specific link to hack the device. By doing so, the operator gets a full chance to demolish the protective shield. The Pegasus system is then installed. Now the operator can easily transfer the user's private data. Not only that, the operator will be able to click the traded user's images from the camera after hacking the device. Also, the phone can be hacked through a call. Let me tell you that the NSO broke the rules of the US and California.

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