The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has coordinated the impeding of 22 YouTube-based news channels, of which four are from Pakistan, asserting that they were getting out counterfeit words that could affect public safety, unfamiliar relations, and public request. In an authority explanation, the service said that it gave a request on Monday to hinder 22 YouTube channels, three Twitter accounts, one Facebook record, and one news site. With this activity, the service has, since December 2021, given headings for impeding 78 YouTube-based news channels and a few other web-based entertainment accounts on grounds connected with public safety, sway and uprightness of India, public request, and so on.

Through the new impending request, 18 Indian and four Pakistan-based YouTube news channels have been hindered, the service said, without naming them. The hindered YouTube channels had an aggregate viewership of more than 260 crore, the service said in an authority explanation, adding that they were getting out counterfeit word and composed disinformation over web-based entertainment on subjects touchy according to the viewpoint of public safety, India's unfamiliar relations, and public request. As indicated by the service, numerous YouTube channels were utilized to post counterfeit news on different subjects like the Indian Armed Forces, Jammu and Kashmir, and so forth.

It was seen that a lot of bogus substance was distributed by the Indian YouTube channels connected with the continuous circumstance in Ukraine, and pointed toward risking India's unfamiliar relations with different nations, it said. Misleading thumbnails were utilized, title and thumbnail of the recordings were oftentimes changed to expand the virality of content via online entertainment. The Government of India stays submitted to guaranteeing a true, dependable, and safe web-based news media climate.

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Indian YouTube Channels

ARP News (Total Views: 4,40,68,652)

AOP News (Total Views: 74,04,673)

LDC News (4,72,000 endorsers and 6,46,96,730 complete perspectives)

SarkariBabu (2,44,000 endorsers and 4,40,14,435 complete perspectives)

SS ZONE Hindi (Total Views:5,28,17,274)

Savvy News (Total Views: 13,07,34,161)

News23Hindi (Total Views: 18,72,35,234)

Online Khabar (Total Views: 4,16,00,442)

DP news (Total Views: 11,99,224)

PKB News (Total Views: 2,97,71,721)

KisanTak (Total Views: 36,54,327)

Borana News (Total Views: 2,46,53,931)

Sarkari News Update (Total Views: 2,05,05,161)

Bharat Mausam (2,95,000 supporters and 7,04,14,480 Total Views)

RJ ZONE 6 (Total Views: 12,44,07,625)

Test Report (Total Views: 3,43,72,553)

Digi Gurukul (Total Views: 10,95,22,595)

दिनभरकीखबरें (All out Views: 23,69,305)

Image Credit: Zee News