Since the Coronavirus has come from China and the problems associated with the Chinese action on the border of Ladakh, almost all countries, including India, have been boycotting china and China goods. All of China's opposition is fast. This led to the popular 2 applications in India these days. Both these apps have been removed from the Play store. The reason for deleting them from the Play Store.

Which are the apps:

In fact, the two apps that have been removed from the Play store. That's the Remove China Apps and Mitron apps. For information, an application called 'Remove China Apps ' was being used to remove the installed China apps from smartphones in India in the days since the Indian people started to make Chinese products and apps faster. The app had been downloaded more than 50 lakh times across the country in less than two weeks. While talking about the Mitron app, it is an Indian app similar to TikTok. The people of India are using this app instead of TikTok.

Reason for deleting Remove China Apps from the Play Store:

In fact, the Jaipur company, 'One Touch Applab,' which created the 'Remove China Apps' app, reported the app's withdrawal from the Google Play store by its Twitter account. But there has been no statement from the Google Play store about the removal of this app, and it has not been confirmed. Moreover, the company says, "It doesn't even know why Google has deleted this app." Let's say that according to the rules, if an app violates the policies of the play store or harms users or is harmful to them, Google removes it from the store. The one who created the Remove China Apps app tweeted."

OneTouchAppLabs wrote that Google has removed #RemoveChinaApps from the Google Play store. In the last two weeks, your joe has given. Thanks to everyone for that... You are awesome.

Reasons to delete Mitron app from the Play Store:

As everyone knows, the Mitron app is an Indian app that worked exactly like TikTok. The app had also been downloaded more than 50 lakh times before the withdrawal. In fact, the Google Play store has described the reason for deleting the Friends app as a content copy issue. Since this app is a rebranded version of another app, created by a developer from Pakistan. In addition, Google has also removed this app for violating the ' spam and minimum functionality ' policy.

Google's policy:

According to Google's policy, copying the content of another app without making any original changes to any app is to violate Google's rules. In violation of these rules, Google has removed it from the Play store. According to reports, the app has been purchased from Pakistani software developing company Qboxus for about Rs 2,500 ($34).

Qboxus, founder and CEO explained:

"The developer has given money for the script, there is no problem with what he has done," said Irfan Sheikh, founder, and CEO of Qboxus. The developer used it, which is fine. But, the problem is that this app is being described as an Indian-made app, which is not entirely true, as developers have no change in this app. 

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