Google Photos currently allows clients to lock their photographs on their smartphones behind a secret phrase. This is done by means of another component called Locked Folder, which is as of now selective just to Pixel phones. Notwithstanding, Google intends to carry the element to all Android telephones and even iOS gadgets later. 

Google Photos' Locked Folder works by making a different envelope for your touchy pictures and concealing it behind your telephone's lock screen secret key, for example, or pin. You can likewise sidestep it utilizing biometric verification like your unique finger impression. 

The most effective method to set up Google Photos locked folder

Prior to setting up your Locked Folder, you should ensure your telephone has a type of screen lock carried out. On Android, this can be a secret phrase, pin, or example. On the off chance that you haven't as of now, set one up. 

Continue by opening Google photographs and exploring to Library/Utilities/Locked Folder. You can set up a locked organizer here by following the prompts that appear on the screen. When an organizer is set up, you should simply move your ideal photographs/recordings into the envelope. To do this, clients can open Google Photos and mass select the photos and recordings they need to move. When they're totally chosen, find the 'Transition to Locked Folder' choice under the More area on the upper right. 

Where to find your locked folder? 

Whenever you have added your media to the locked organizer, the documents will at this point don't be appearing alongside your different pictures. They will likewise not be found in some other exhibition application. 

As a security component, pictures and recordings added to the locked folder will likewise not appear in a collection or photobook and will likewise not be apparent on Google's brilliant presentations like the Nest Hub. To find the photos and recordings you put inside, you should open Google Photos and explore the Utility segment to find the Locked Folder.

Image Credit: TechRadar