You may have taken the help of your smartphone Google Maps to find the way very often. In addition to you, millions of people in India today use Google Maps to find a way out. So, because of the needs of all these, the company is now going to add another new feature soon. Let's see what the new feature that's joining Google Maps is?

New Feature of Google Maps:

In fact, given its users' needs, its sector giant Google continues to add some features to its Google Maps app. Recently, the company had made a feature add to the Corona testing center because of the country's situation. Now, the company has added a new feature to Google Maps. With the help of which users will also get information about the traffic signal. In addition, both Google and Apple companies continue to update their mapping apps based on people's needs.

New feature information:

With these new features, Google Maps users will be able to get information about traffic signals immediately on the spot. In addition, if a user wants to avoid getting stuck in a jam, you will see that the traffic signal is red or green and will also get information about it. However, this feature will come soon, and Google Maps is currently testing it. As soon as the testing is completed, the feature will be released globally.

Traffic light icon:

For information, the traffic signal feature will be updated as soon as Google Maps. The users will then see the traffic light icon separately. Users will also be able to see the color of the traffic light in this icon. Users will get the best benefit of this feature when they are on the road and want to know about the way around them. This feature has already been released by Apple with iOS 13 update.

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