Researchers have detected a malware that has affected 24 Android apps in the Google Play store. It has been said that these applications have been downloaded more than 4.72 lakh times. These apps on the Google Play Store have been found to be infected with a new way of Trojan, which is named 'Joker'.

About Joker

The Trojan malware, which has been called "Joker", is designed to stealthily enroll user’s subscription services which require a monthly payment without your knowledge or consent. That means they could be charged a recurring amount over several months before user realize they are paid.

This Trojan virus makes contact with websites showing ads very comfortably and quietly. Then from here he steals users' SMS messages, contact list and phone information.

Researchers have also released a list of 24 apps which are affected by this dangerous clown virus. So if you have any of these apps in your phone, then it is advised to uninstall immediately. Below is list of those apps:

  1. Mini Camera 1.0.2 APK (Mini Camera 1.0.2)
  2. Certain Wallpaper 1.02 APK (Certain Wallpaper 1.02)
  3. Reward Clean 1.1.6 APK (Reward Clean 1.1.6 APK)
  4. Age Face 1.1.2 (Age Face 1.1.2)
  5. Alter Message 1.5APK (Altar Message 1.5APK)
  6. 6. Soby Camera 1.0.1 (Soby Camera 1.01)
  7. Declare Message
  8. Display Camera 1.02)
  9. Rapid Face Scanner 10.02 (Rapid Face Scanner 10.2)
  10. Leaf Face Scanner 1.0.3 (Leaf Fase Scanner 1.0.3)
  11. Board Picture Editing 1.1.2 (Board Picture Editing 1.1.2)
  12. Cute Camera 1.04 APK (Cute Camera 1.04 APK)
  13. Dazzle Wallpaper 1.01 (Dazzle Wallpaper 1.01)
  14. Spark Wallpaper 1.1.11 (Spark Wallpaper 1.1.11)
  15. Climate SMS 3.5)
  16. Great VPN 2k0 (Great VPN 2k0)
  17. humor camera Lklk5 (Humour Camera Lklk5)
  18. Print Plant Scan (Print Plant Scan)
  19. advocate wallpaper Lklk9 (Advocate Wallpaper Lklk9)
  20. Ruddy SMS Mode
  21. Ignite Clean 7.3
  22. Anti Virus Security-Security Scan, App Lock (Antivirus Security - Security Scan, App Lock)
  23. Collate Face Scanner App (Collate Face Scanner)
  24. Before 27 apps were deleted

image credit : wccftech