You may have heard the news of online fraud many times, and this is something like that, you see any form on the screen, and it is said that you enter your information in it, then you will win it or lure the user with any such lucrative deal. Because of such incidents, Google Chrome is working on a new feature. That will prevent such incidents. The company has shared information related to this feature.

How this feature will work:

In fact, Google Chrome shared information about its new feature, stating that the new feature would protect users from online frauds and prevent customers from entering their important information on fake forms. This new feature will identify any suspicious fake form. Chrome will immediately issue a warning to the user about the fake form by detecting this fake form. Also, the user will stop the process before the information entered is submitted.

The company's hard work paying off:

Let's say the Google company had been working on it for quite some time to add this feature to its search engine Chrome. Now the company's hard work has been paid off. The company will soon add this feature. After the add-on, up to several percents of the online forgery can be prevented. It will also save Chrome users ' data from being leaked. The best feature of this new feature is that it will identify those suspicious fake forms themselves. Thus, the new feature will do its job and protect its users from phishing attacks and online frauds.

Techdows reports:

The Techdows report says that the coming flag will be known as Disable Autofill for mixed. Once this feature is turned on, the setting will be changed, which will prevent much other information, including e-mail ID, address, from being entered in a fake form. It will also remove the form from an auto-fill mode. In this way, the new feature will keep the user's information more secure than before. It would also provide a secure platform for users.

Launch of a new feature:

Let me tell you that users will be able to take advantage of this new feature of Google Chrome from October because it will launch it only then. This feature will be launched officially under the name of Chrome 86. It will support Chrome on Linux, Android, and Windows. Let's say, users can enable the flag with Chrome: // flags right now.

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