There is excellent news for you if you have purchased Go First airline tickets in the past or for a future date.


The financially troubled Go First airline has canceled all passenger flights from May 3, 2023, through May 23, 2023. Due to flight cancellations, passengers are having issues, and their money is still with the airline. Social media users frequently post about their refunds.


Took steps to refund the money.

Go First has now started action to return the people's money. A new website has been developed by an aviation corporation for refund requests. Passengers will receive this return after paying the travel agency and other websites. In addition, GoFirst has developed a website called to handle reimbursements for canceled flight tickets. All defaulters can currently provide their information through this website until May 10.


Read the claim guide carefully.

Go First advised customers that Go Airlines (India) Limited's CIRP uses the claim management platform. Before filing a refund claim on this website, travelers who want to submit their claims should carefully read the claim instructions. You can email to report any technical problems with the portal. In addition to this, you can email for any additional information about CIRP.


What things will be required in the refund claim?

If you are requesting a canceled Go First flight refund, there are a few considerations you should make before beginning the claim procedure. You'll need your mobile number, email address, ticket PDF, account passbook, etc., to collect your refund. You must have the PDF versions of these documents to prepare for this. You can verify your application process by including these items in the claim procedure.