There is some good news for you if you travel by plane in the future. The airline Go First has made flight reservations available at incredibly low costs. You can purchase flight tickets from Go Air for a very affordable price. Instead of using the train, you can fly by air. Go Air is offering a two-day fair sale.


Flight tickets are available for Rs 1,199 only.

You can book domestic flights with Go Air for just Rs 1,199 during this two-day fair bargain. For overseas travelers, the starting fare is Rs 6,139. The Go Air offer will continue until February 23 and 24. This cell will allow you to make travel reservations from March 12, 2023, until September 30, 2023.


Indigo also brought a ticket sale.

Indigo, the biggest airline in India, provides its clients with reasonably priced tickets. The starting price for domestic airline tickets during this Indigo offer is Rs 2,093. Passengers can purchase tickets for the trip from March 13, 2023, to October 13, 2023, during this Indigo sale.


The aviation sector is coming on track after Covid 19.

Let us tell you that the aviation industry suffered greatly as a result of the Covid 19 epidemic. But after that, it is now gradually getting better. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation said on February 20 that 125.42 lakh people flew domestically in January 2023.


The amount is almost twice what it was at the same time last year. These numbers demonstrate that the aviation industry is regaining ground following the effects of COVID-19. Yet, compared to December of the previous year, this number of passengers is down more than 1.5%. 1287.35 lakh passengers flew domestically in December 2022. Compared to before Covid, air traffic is still reduced. 127.83 lakh passengers flew domestically in January 2023.