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In addition to other things, the storm season is especially cruel on the skin. It can prompt bacterial and contagious contaminations. Actually like the remainder of the body, the nails additionally need cleaning and preparing consistently, and then some so when it downpours. Else, they might abound with germs, and that is an ominous situation. 

Thus, how about we take you through four hints to keep your nails solid, kempt, sterile, and away from any parasitic contaminations and chipping. Peruse on. 

1. Keep your nails dry 

Take additional consideration to keep your nails dry consistently, particularly your feet and toenails. As your feet get generally presented to sensational water around storms, your toenails become more powerless against harm. The moist and damp climate brings about the development of dead skin cells and irresistible microscopic organisms prompting the aggregation of soil. Additionally, attempt to avoid wearing shut calfskin shoes the entire day, as it will give the growth an ideal living space to flourish. Wear open shoes, floaters or chappals while venturing out and when you are back, dry your feet and nails. 

2. Utilize antifungal powder 

Add hostile to contagious powder to your rainstorm cleanliness fundamentals. One time per day, apply it around your toenails and fingernails to forestall disease. If not an enemy of contagious powder, you can likewise utilize a nonexclusive baby powder or splash antiperspirant to fend the growth off. 

3. Normal managing 

Cut your nails week by week or fortnightly relying upon your development level, as long nails give a place of refuge to every one of the microorganisms from the sensational water and moistness to spread. Additionally, because of the suddenness, your nails become marginally delicate, and it turns out to be simple for them to curve or break. Thus, try to keep them short, managed, and utilize a decent quality filler to smoothen the edges. 

4. Keep away from sharp devices for cleaning 

It's an exceptionally normal practice among ladies to utilize long sharp instruments for thorough cleaning under the nails. This can bring about making a hole between the nail bed and the nail, permitting an open way to irritated storm diseases. Then again, you can utilize a nail brush to clean your nails tenderly.

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