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A new functionality has just been added to Google Pay. Users can now set up their UPI PIN without a debit card. Let us inform you that Google Pay has begun using Aadhaar-based authentication. Additionally, the business disclosed this.


Users who wish to sign up for UPI on Google Pay using their Aadhaar numbers must now be careful to use the same number registered with UIDAI and their bank account. Supported bank Account holders have access to this feature, but more institutions are striving to adopt it shortly. The business added that it does not keep the users' Aadhaar numbers on file as part of the verification procedure.


Will act as a facilitator with NPCI.

According to Google Product Management Director Sharath Bulusu, this feature will further boost our efforts to build deeper penetration of digital payments in India. This feature is the government's objective to foster financial inclusion. We have been pleased with the swift uptake of digital payments in the nation over the past several years, and this functionality will strengthen the UPI ecosystem even more. Google said it would operate as a conduit for sharing Aadhaar numbers with NPCI, but it will not store them.


Your bank account must be linked to your Aadhaar number.

To increase user numbers and enable digital payments, an Aadhaar-based UPI has been introduced. Ensure your UIDAI-registered phone number (linked to your Aadhaar) and the phone number for the bank account you want to link match before enabling UPI on your Aadhaar. Make sure your bank account is connected to your Aadhaar number as well.


Set up UPI as described.

>> First, launch the Google Pay app on your smartphone to use this feature. After that, select Add Account from the menu.

>> Next, tap the bank from the list connected to your bank account.

>> To validate your mobile number and bank account, use the "Aadhaar" mode.

>> Your bank account is connected to your Aadhaar number, so provide its first six digits.

>> Create a four or 6-digit UPI PIN for your transaction's authorization.

>> Your registered cellphone number will now receive an OTP from the bank for verification.

>> Choose your preferred UPI PIN and double-check it.

>> Your Aadhaar card will link to your bank account once all these procedures have been completed.