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From the next month, October, Tokyo is about to remove the visa need for short-term visitors coming from the United States and other countries. The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, is ready to make this revision soon in public. In the last year, November, Japan has effectively banned all new foreign visitors. However, in the March of this year, Japan government relax this ban, permitting entirely manage admission for business travelers and foreign students. Japan has increased the daily entrance cap from 20,000 to 50,000. By October, Japan is anticipated to abolish the daily admission cap completely.


Raise Travel Bans to Improve the Economy

Now, the need to carry out the results of Covid-19 testing performed prior to departure has been removed for travelers. Reuters reports that Japan's demand for the overseas travel has been hampered by the need for visas for visitors, travel agency bookings, and a daily limit on the number of visitors. The nation's flag carrier Japan Airlines is still operating at 65% of its pre-pandemic international capacity, despite the Covid-19 restrictions only allowing demand to reach about 40% of pre-pandemic levels.


Base to Stagnating Currency

68 countries and regions did not require tourist visas for Japan prior to the epidemic. During the pandemic, visitors to Japan had to attend guided tours to obtain visas. Now, the revised adjustments will eliminate these conditions. Another justification in favor of opening the travel door is the yen (the Japanese currency), which is currently near a 24-year low against the dollar. The Japanese government may benefit from the increased spending power of tourists by relaxing travel rules.