The Center on Monday (May 10, 2021) expressed that it has attempted key measures to expand the accessibility, smooth out the dissemination and fortify the oxygen stockpiling framework in the country to address the flood sought after for oxygen. 

They added that the oxygen accessibility has been upgraded by the expansion underway limit and creation, setting up of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) plants, import of Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) from abroad, and obtainment of oxygen concentrators. For improving big hauler accessibility to smooth out transportation, Nitrogen, and Argon big haulers have been changed over, big haulers and compartments have been imported, homegrown assembling of big haulers expanded, and rail and air transportation of big haulers is being attempted to lessen pivot time. 

The Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry likewise educated that Oxygen Digital Tracking System (ODTS) has been set up for ongoing checking, and driver accessibility is being improved with the preparation of MHV drivers. They said that for improving oxygen stockpiling, the number and limit of cryogenic big haulers at clinics are being upgraded and clinical oxygen chambers are being obtained. 

The Center said that the oxygen creation has expanded from 5700 MT/day in August'20 to 9,446 MT/day in May'21. The creation limit has expanded from 6817 MT/day to 7314 MT/day and the limit usage has gone up from 84% to 129% during this period. 

Oxygen Digital Tracking System 

The Center educated that a web and application-based Oxygen Digital Tracking System (ODTS) has been dispatched to empower the ongoing following of oxygen development in the country. They expressed that its goals are successful and immediate correspondence of assignment orders to plants and dispatches from plants, and to empower ongoing following of oxygen development in the country from plants to states. 

"It incorporates with GSTN information base for E-waybill based information section, Tracking of big haulers through GPS, SIM (Driver Mobile No.), FASTag, and Automated alarms from the framework for course deviation, u Oxygen allotment measure 

The Center said that an oxygen allotment measure has been set up to evenhandedly supply oxygen to all states in accordance with the interest. The primary oxygen designation request gave on April 15, 2021, was limited to a couple of states including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka. Be that as it may, as the second flood of COVID-19 spread to different states, interest for oxygen expanded from other states, intended stoppages, delays," the Center said.