India's e-commerce giant Flipkart has always made some changes to its website, keeping in mind the needs and desires of its customers. Now, in view of the problems of late delivery of items like some groceries, the company has launched a new hyperlocal delivery service. By which the company will be able to deliver products like grocery to its customers within 90 minutes.

Flipkart's Hyperlocal Delivery Service:

There is a corona in the country when everyone is at home. Most people then understand how to do proper online shopping by going to market and buying grocery shopping. In these circumstances, some Flipkart customers will need to deliver their product at the earliest or think of inviting something online if needed in an event. Now the company has launched its new Flipkart Quick service, keeping in view the problem of its similar customers. The company's aim of launching the service is to deliver the product in 90 minutes to the customers.

The company will deliver these products:

Let's say that in a few days customers will be able to avail of this service. However, this service will not deliver all products. It will deliver some special products such as grocery items, fresh vegetables, meat, and mobile phones in 90 minutes. At the initial stages, the service is currently being availed by customers from some selected Bengaluru locations. The new service of Flipkart has been shared by Vice President Sandeep Karwa.

Flipkart Vice President says:

Flipkart vice president Sandeep Karwa said, "Everything we expect to take from the departmental store in our neighborhood has been made live. At the same time, we have also announced the launch of fruits, vegetables, and meat categories. We've created a storage space where we make many of our vendors store their goods."

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