Online Order FasTag: Until a few years ago, you had to manually pay the toll tax for your vehicle each time you passed through a toll plaza. This process took a lot of time, and you occasionally had to wait for hours. However, as technology advanced, FASTag became available for use in vehicles.


Due to these, users can have their toll payments deducted quickly and without having to exit their vehicle or any of their vehicles. Your vehicle's front is covered with a Fastag sticker, and as soon as it passes in front of a scanner, the toll is taken off at the toll booth. Even though many people have yet to install FASTag on their automobiles, we will now explain how to do it while at home for those individuals.


Must download this app-

If you haven't used Paytm before, know that you can now order Fast Tag from the comfort of your own home. It is a quick and simple process that only takes a few minutes. After you pay, your rapid tag is prepared and sent to your house. If you are unaware of this procedure, we will explain it today.


Steps for the booking process-

>> Users must first launch the Paytm app to book a FasTag.

>> You should now visit the section for booking tickets.

>> You have a lot of alternatives here.

>> The option to "buy fastag" should be chosen.

>> You must now enter your vehicle's information.

>> As soon as you complete the form, the payment option appears.

>> Additionally, you have the choice to enter an address beneath the payment.

>> This fastag will be delivered to your house after you fill out the address and pay.