FASTags were launched in India in 2014, and the main task of these prepaid tags is that you don't have to spoil your precious time in making payments on toll plazas, also it will save your time and fuel by performing electronic payments. The FASTag method deducts toll charges from the car owner's account using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. After being activated, the tags are put on the big windscreen of your car.

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The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has announced that from 1st December 2019, assigned FASTag lanes will run on toll plazas of all national highways, and Non-FASTag users will have to go through this lane by paying double the prices. FASTag can save users time by paying toll fees in less time from the system and helps to also promote digital payment methods. The FASTag system will help in lessening traffic jams after it is entirely implemented and people will be able to drive without stopping in the queue. All toll booths will be made cashless in the upcoming time, and only FASTag lanes will be available.

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You can buy FASTag from all toll plazas or Amazon, Paytm. Few banks like SBI, HDFC, and ICICI are also given online inquiry forms that have to be filled up online. After the inquiry is created, customers will have to hit the office and submit the required documents along with the documentary form, after which the FASTag account will be generated. FASTag can also be bought from petrol pumps etc.

To issue FASTag, you have to keep a vehicle certification document, KYC document-Aadhaar card, driving permit, and passport size photo. One-time fee of Rs. 200 will be required at the time of enrollment. Also, a refundable amount will have to be charged which depends on a vehicle type. This amount will be returned on the closure of the FASTag account. This account will be maintained on the web portal of the issuing firm. This way you can recharge FASTags with debit and card as well as RTGS, NEFT or net banking. Through online recharge, you can save your time and also would like to inform you that the recharge amount has been fixed according to each vehicle.

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