Farms have always produced data. The majority of agriculture, however, has stayed beyond reach for the majority of its 10,000-year history.


New digital tools are now enabling farmers to acquire these data and take advantage of previously unimaginable prospects for their operations, communities, and the world.


Farmers need technologies to help sustainably boost their yields to grow their products more efficiently and sustainably as the world's population grows. This entails high-quality, useful data and the resources needed to put these realizations into practice. To assist farmers like you, "Yara" is here.


A Smarter Toolbox

The correct tool is essential. This is particularly true in agriculture, where farmers must navigate a constantly shifting environment of shifting weather patterns, environmental conditions, consumer needs, regulatory obligations, and countless other considerations. Digital solutions can help with it. Farmers may focus on what is most important at any given time by using their time and resources more efficiently by having more information about what is happening in their fields. That benefits them, their business, and the environment.


Discover more about some of the numerous digital tools that are transforming agriculture for the better.


Farming & Field Connectivity Portfolio

Increased farm, farmer, and field connectivity are necessary to increase yields. This is made possible by the several cutting-edge items that Yara has created. They provide farmers with a climate-smart approach to improved nutrient management by utilizing our agronomic expertise, digital and hardware tools, API products, and sustainability solutions.


Crop Nutrition

Crops require nutrients for adequate growth and high-quality output. Isotopes assist in identifying crops that are very effective at utilizing nutrients or well-adapted to poor soil fertility and help improve crop nutrition. This is essential to maximize quality and output and strengthen the crops' resistance to climate change.


The nutritional value of cereals and legumes directly impacts human nutrition. Micronutrient deficiencies in crops and pastures are common in developed and developing nations, which adversely affects human and animal health.


Yara is enhancing crop nutrition management approaches that aid in the sustainable intensification of crop production and preserving natural resources using nuclear and isotopic methods.


The bioavailability of macro- and micronutrients in crops and grains can be enhanced through improved agricultural nutrient management, which is required for satisfactory crop growth and ideal quantity and quality yields. Furthermore, vital nutrients are essential for maximizing crop output and enhancing the plants' resilience to climate change, in addition to water, sunshine, and favorable soil conditions.


A Complete Range 

Unlike most fertilizer firms, Yara provides a full line of crop nutrition products. Their fertilizers include those based on the three minerals that are most commonly deficient in plants: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). They also include micronutrients that can assist avoid or treat shortages by specific soil or crop circumstances.


Crop output and profitability are decreased if any of these nutrients are lacking. This is why they provide fertilizer management tools, services, and a product range that covers all crop nutrition requirements.


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