Coronavirus pandemic is affecting almost everyone. These infections are not only dangerous for those who are sick, but for all. Because of this infection, people have been locked in their homes for several months, so other health problems are also taking off. It may also be that you are suffering from more hair fall than you need at this time. This is happening for a variety of reasons. It is not necessary that someone has a COVID-19 infection and will have these natural effects. Research says that hair loss is the natural effect of COVID-19, but many of the existing reasons are responsible for those who do not have it.

Stress and Anxiety-

The coronavirus is causing a lot of stress to the people. Business, job, school, money, side effects of staying at home, vitamin D deficiency due to not going too much in the sun, etc., can trigger stress and anxiety due to a lot of reasons. If someone is getting too much stress, it also affects the hair. Abnormal cortisol levels present in hair follicles spoil the function of the hair.

Not getting the proper nutrition-

Of all, the coronavirus has reduced our exit from home and can cause vitamin D deficiency in the body. Similarly, many nutrition and vitamins are not getting our bodies. Change in lifestyle is the most important reason. At the same time, seasonal problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite, etc., are the causes. Lack of adequate energy in the body is affecting the hair. That is why our hair is defoliating too much.

Not proper sleep-

The sleep patterns of the people have also changed these days. Living at home reduces sleep or is lazy throughout the day. Many people may also be a cause of hair loss because of stress that reduces sleep. Research shows that people working in night shifts, more travel people, people suffering from sleep-related diseases have a very serious hair fall problem. It can also prove to be a problem in the working pattern changed during the work from home.

The decrease in physical activity-

Lack of indirect physical activity can also be a cause of hair loss. When the blood circulation of our body changes, hair follicles are deficient in blood flow. If you had won the active lifestyle before and suddenly it has stopped, you may have a problem with it. Lack of physical activity can also cause pain in your hands and feet. This is also linked to the glow of your skin. If you can keep your physical activity right to normalize the bald circulation, do routine exercise at home.

Reduction in Medical Checkup-

Sometimes hair fall can also be caused by genetic or may be caused by a disease. But many people are scared of going to the hospital because of the coronavirus. Of all, it is not safe at this time, but because of this, people are also missing routine checkup from the doctor and are also negligent in their treatment.

All these reasons may be responsible for excessive hair fall. If you are having a similar problem, make a slight change in your lifestyle and take advice from the doctor once possible. If you liked this story, you must share it. Stay connected to read other similar news and Lifestyle articles from 9scroob.

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