Oculus and Facebook have declared Horizon, mixes an innovative virtual reality adventure which combines the world of social networking with rare, interactive example. It is described as an ever-expanding VR world, where individuals can socialize with others in their digital avatars. As per information consumers will be able to add various features with multiple factors to this virtual world, Facebook also said that they would continue developing excellent productions.

You will be able to meet with your friends or strangers from anywhere in this world and can explore this virtual world together, which is created by Oculus by using different tools. This event introduced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the stage of the yearly Oculus developer conference, which is held in San Jose, California.


This virtual world looks like an inspired by Microsoft's Minecraft; Linden Labs create it in 2003 that became very popular among youngsters. Till now, facebook not revealed specifically how Horizon will work. Facebook said the product would be available next year after the beta test, and other details are accessible from Wednesday afternoon on blog post.

It is designed as a virtual town square has to jump through magic-like portals, and it is known as telepods, which allows users to interact with other people. Facebook has since a long time ago pitched virtual reality as an innovation that lines up with its central goal to connect everybody. Facebook, before this, never worked on VR as the main product, and best VR gives experience better for those who love to enjoy their own company. The company tries to deliver this type of service in the past. Oculus already had a feature named Oculus Rooms, which allows users to spend time together in the digital world using VR. But this time with Horizon Facebook planning to deliver something exceptional and unbelievable.

Image credit: engadget