Social networking site Facebook has launched the Facebook Messenger Kids app, a video chat and messaging app for children, in 75 countries, including India. Now parents will be able to control the children's account more. The peculiarity of this app is that after downloading it, children will be able to create their accounts, not their own parents. Let me tell you that Facebook Messenger Kids was introduced in the US in the year 2017. Now, this app has been made available in other countries also.

You can download this new Facebook app free from the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. With this app, Facebook is giving children the option to connect with their friends, and thus children will be under the supervision of parents. This time is extremely difficult for children when they can neither go out of the house nor meet friends. Facebook Messenger Kids will help children a lot. With the help of this app, children will be able to chat videos with their friends.

Facebook said in the statement, "The school is closed after the lockdown caused by COVID-19 and people are following social distancing. Parents are using technology to connect their children to family from friends. At the same time, parents also want to control children on the online platform."

The Facebook Messenger Kids app has a feature called Superwiseed Friending. With the help of this feature, parents will be able to ensure that their children have to keep someone on their friend list. In addition, parents will also have a notification of friend requests to children on the dashboard. At the same time, parents will also be able to empower their teachers to add children to school and class groups.

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