While the outbreak of corona has been capped all over the world, people's lives have undergone a lot of changes. The modalities of the people are changing. People are now adopting a way of shopping online instead of going out of the house. On the other hand, businessmen are suffering a lot due to this killing. Taking advantage of these conditions, Facebook, a worldwide messaging application, has announced the introduction of a new 'Online Shop' service to help businessmen suffering from coronavirus.

Facebook's new service:

In fact, the Facebook company is now going to launch a new service called Facebook Shops. Under which the company will help small traders. With this Facebook Shops service, small traders will be able to sell their products through their Facebook page. Facebook's service will greatly help small businesses to grow their business, as the way people are shopping is likely to change considerably after the lockdown is over. People would be more reasonable to buy online instead of going out of the house to the market.

Your shop will be able to put on Facebook:

Small businesses will be able to put their shops on Facebook through this service called Facebook shops. Not only that, through this service, but this trader will also be able to show his product accordingly. So that buyers can see and understand it. The company's main objective is to facilitate them by providing online platforms for small and medium businesses. In simple terms, the Facebook company is going to start a mall of its own that will be run online. Any business here will be able to sell the product of their shop online by putting their shop online.

How this survey will work:

Now, there will be a question in your mind as to how this new Facebook service will work, let me tell you that a single online store will be created through Facebook Shops, which will be present on both Facebook and Instagram. Through its checkout feature, the customer will be able to choose the product and make a purchase by direct chat on WhatsApp and Instagram through the messaging feature. Let's say that any small-medium trader will be required to register himself on WhatsApp and Instagram to avail of this new service only if the trader can avail of this service.

New service launched in the US:

The company has currently launched this new service in the United States, but will soon be launched on Instagram. The company is also gearing up to launch it in other countries, including India. After this service comes into the market, the Facebook company will hit online shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart. However, both sides will do a lot of different work.

Partnerships with these companies:

The Facebook company has partnered with Shopify, woo, BigCommers, CedCommerce, Cafe24, Channel Advisor, Tienda Nube, Feedonomics companies for this new service.

How different it is from other sites:

For information, Facebook, this new service is quite different from other companies. In this service, customers can talk directly to the shopkeeper, but this facility is not provided to customers on other sites like Flipkart-Amazon. Through shop service, the business can sell its own product to its own shop, but in other sites, it is not given this facility. They sales its product to the company and the company carries this product to the customer. On Facebook Shop, you can list any of your items, but on any other site, the company lists the product itself. Facebook will provide its businesses with this facility to list their products for absolutely free. Whereas, other companies like Flipkart-Amazon take a commission on it.

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