Facebook has launched a new security feature in India, allowing you to lock your profile. We are constantly looking for additional ways to keep our users safer and more secure. The ability to lock your profile is a feature designed for people in India, especially women, who want more control over their Facebook experience. "We are committed to providing people with a secure platform to express themselves," says Ankhi Das, Public Policy Director, Facebook India. We are deeply aware of the safety of online profiles to people in India, especially women. Today, we are announcing a new feature that, in an easy move, will give people a lot more control, ensure their privacy, and keep them safe and online."

Locking your profile allows you to introduce many existing privacy settings and many new features to your Facebook profile in an easy step. When you lock your profile, you can't do non-friends:

  1. Zoom in, share, or download your full-size profile picture and cover photos.
  2. View photos and posts on your timeline (both historical and new).
  3. An indicator is added to your profile page to remind you that your profile is off.

We've often heard from young girls that they hesitate to share about themselves online and scare someone out of the idea of misusing their information. People are thrilled to see that Facebook is trying to learn about their concerns and construction products that can give them the experience they want. This new safety feature will give women, especially young girls, a chance to express themselves freely.

How to turn on this new Facebook feature:


  1. Click on more inside your name.
  2. Now tap on the lock profile.
  3. Click lock your profile again, and confirm

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