Today, there are many other short video-making apps like TikTok, Like, Tangi, and Hello in the market by which people fulfill their interest in acting, not only that, many people have also been very famous through these apps, as well as the source of people's earning. Now, on this path, Facebook has also made up its mind to launch its short video making app in the market. Yes, soon in the market, you will see an app called Lasso, which has been launched by Facebook. For your information, the Facebook company decided to launch its video making app in India because, as per the recent report, the TikTok app has beat Facebook in the case of downloading. This has given a sturdy competition to Facebook, and that is why the company will now going to introduce the Lasso app.

However, Facebook has launched its video making app Lasso in the US last year, but the company will now launch it in India as well. According to reports, the company can launch it in India by May this year. In addition, as per the information received from the sources, the Facebook company is also working for Lasso's integration in WhatsApp. If we take a look at the features of the Lasso app, users will find a very large library to use music in the video. So that users will have a lot of surrey options while creating videos. Also, users will be able to use video editing tools as well as a variety of effects on the camera. One thing is very special that this app will also provide users with information about trends and fresh hashtags so that users can create video running in the new trend. EnTrackr's report has claimed that the Lasso app will be launched in India this year. For which Facebook's Singapore team is working on it. Another report has claimed that the company is also working with several influencers for the promotion of Lasso.

According to data released recently by App Annie, TikTok has ranked first in the top 10 download apps this year. The TikTok app has just been in India for 2 years 3 months (27 months), but the number of downloads has reached 25 crores. The second-ranked Facebook app, about 460 million people have downloaded Facebook in India so far over the years. However, this is facebook's figures so far, while the third-ranked WhatsApp app.

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