Employee productivity, likewise called working environment productivity, is an appraisal of a worker’s or a gathering of workers’ proficiency. It is assessed by taking a gander at the absolute workforce or an employees’ output in a given time frame. Much of the time, the productivity of an individual will be surveyed in contrast with the normal output of different employees doing comparable work. 

Employees are viewed as resources of an organization as much as an organization’s bestselling product or administration portfolio, and they can either make or break an organization. In that capacity, an organization ought to put resources into its workers yet additionally hope to get a good return on that investment they have done through their employees’ productivity. 

With the end goal for it to bode well for a business to contract employees, workers must deliver an incentive for the business that surpasses the expense of an employees’ compensation. Thusly, an employee is a venture, and the investment should give a beneficial come back to the organization. This can possibly occur if an employee is productive and displays it well through the work assigned to him. Along these lines, the significance of productivity in an association lies in the distinction between a worker making the organization benefit and the employee costing the organization cash.