The issue of obesity has doubled in recent years. It is strange that every 1 out of 5 people is prone to issues of obesity. Obesity is actually a chronic disease that comes with so many other health issues like diabetics, heart diseases, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and asthma. Not only health issues but obesity also comes with other social and physiological problems. Excess obesity may also result in poor self-esteem and loneliness. Obesity is not a big problem and with the right health habits and nutrition rich diet it can be reduced. People should take strict measure to help themselves fight with these issues. This is the best gift anyone can plan for themselves to ensure their happy future life. 

There are various measures which can be taken to reduce obesity and this can be:

Have nutritious rich diet – Obesity has a direct concern with your eating habits and you must have a strict check over this. Rather than allowing them to eat so much of fast-food, you must introduce a calorie restricted diet. Food must have the right amount of vitamin, mineral, and fiber. A balanced diet must not include too much of carbohydrates.

Smart eating habits – Rather than eating outside and in a party, cook something delicious and nutritious for yourself right at your home. Eat something healthy after a fixed interval. This must include fruits and vegetables. Have healthy and stomach fill meals.

Watch the portion of the feed – Overeating has a direct relationship with obesity. You must track what portion of which food you must have. You must have a strict check over the rice and meat you eat in a single meal.

Encourage physical activities – The major cause of obesity is because the calories you eat are not burned and with right physical activities you can actually burn this calorie. Encourage yourself to play and have a physical exercise which can help you stay fit and fine.

Have a scheduled routine – Make a perfect routine for yourself. Wake up at the right time, play, and let them eat at right time. A perfect routine makes yourself stay fit and energetic which will keep you away from obesity.

Consult doctors – If you are prone to problems of obesity at a very young age you may consult a respective doctor for suggestions and help so that it could be managed at right stage and issues does not widen up with time.

Out of the above-mentioned measures, the most effective one is to have a strict check over the diet plans of your eating habits. Little awareness and right measures at the right age can eliminate all problem of obesity.