In this article, we are going to talk about what are the key aspects to keep your credit score good. It will help you to master your credit card usage and payments. These small points will help if you are running your own business or professional working men.

To maintain a good credit score it is very necessary to understand more about it. Never forget to pay your debt on time and do not miss any credit card payment its affects your score badly. Always remember that a credit card is a form of debt it will play a vital role to maintain your credit score.

Your credit score is based on your debt and to manage it you need to be very careful. If you miss any payment on your debt it will discuss your credit score, hence payment management should be your priority to build a good score. Some debts are not part of your credit score, so you need to make judgment your own which debt will affect your score.

For example, credit card debt is part of your credit score and any delay will reflect a negative impact on your credit score. But payments to vendor or borrowed money aren’t part of your credit score, so it's your choice of what payment should be your priority.

When you pay any credit card bill on time, always notice that the payment part is divided into two parts. The first one is the minimum payment due and the other is total payment due. If you pay only the minimum due amount on your credit, the outstanding balance adds with your new credit payment with an interest rate. This type of credit card payment also affects your credit score.

Do not withdraw cash from your credit card and be attentive whenever use your credit card. Due to unawareness, people withdraw cash from their credit card but you should know that banks too much interest for cash withdraws.

If you are not using your credit card kindly close it carefully. There may be times when you stop your particular credit card or you want to close it. However, an old credit card helps to build a good credit score, so try to do small transactions to keep things relevant once in a while. Try to avoid too many inquiries about credit cards. People get carried away while applying for credit card or loan but whenever any application gets rejected from the bank it harms your credit score.

Always try to maintain the ratio of credit card utilization with your income, too much or frequent usage of credit card will affect your monthly budget. Keeping 30% of your limit helps you to increase your credit score.