To counter the ongoing outbreak of Covid-19, Droom recently introduced its new C-commerce services. After being launched all over India, these services will help the Droom to remain contactless while maintaining the social distance guidelines designed to protect the community from this highly communicable virus. In this effort, Droom allows customers to conduct intensive research on the vehicle online through their extensive equipment, Droom Discovery, Ovi, Droom History, and Eco Inspection. This can then be sold at home or office with a home or office with a doorstep test drive and home delivery or a vehicle certification on a doorstep. In addition, Droom is also preparing for full online payment methods and automatic RC registration, RC transfer, and transactions.

Under this new initiative, Droom has already received more than Rs 1.25 lakh new listings worth Rs 10,000 crore in GMV listed from various cities and thousands of dealers and individual sellers. Droom with 3.5 lakh+ auto dealers are available in 1000+ cities in India (India's largest hyper-local marketplace). Droom currently has 45 million+ monthly visitors.

Collaborative commerce (C-commerce) is the optimization of supply and distribution ways to obtain on the global economy by efficiently using new technology. In collaborative commerce, organizations correlate with each other to maximize their productivity and profitability. However, it can also mean customers get what they need from each other instead of companies.

Sandeep Agarwal, founder and CEO of Droom, said, "Droom has converted the 100-year-old used automobile classifieds category into the entire online e-commerce transaction category by investing 6 years and thousands of crores of rupees. Meanwhile, we have not only built a variety of platforms, technologies, and consumer experiences but also sold more than 5 lakh vehicles and almost the same number of loans, insurance, repairs, inspections, etc. This is done in a 100% online manner. The Covid-19 epidemic has led to a permanent change in consumer sentiments. Our high-quality and fully online and contactless services will allow us to capitalize on this paradigm shift while meeting consumer needs."

Recently, Droom has launched a number of innovative services to prevent the spread of infection and to keep its customers safe. It recently launched the Germ Shield service intending to sterilize the vehicle's surfaces with a useful antimicrobial coating, which has been active for 3 months and can eliminate 99.99% germs. It has launched a fleet sanitation drive for Gurugram police to protect the city's frontline warriors. The Droom also launched JumpStart, a tech-enabled doorstep vehicle service taking advantage of its eco platform after lockdown.

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