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All telecom administrators and outsider applications are continually taking measures to control spam calls. Be that as it may, regardless of endeavors by administrators, clients keep on accepting spam calls each day. Aside from spam calls, there are commonly when you need to abstain from getting ordinary approaching calls. For the most part, we would prefer not to get the call when we are spending time with companions or in a significant gathering with the family or friends, or watching a film. In this article, you will know a few different ways, with the assistance of which you can quit approaching calls even without putting the telephone on flight mode. So, we should realize what are these ways: 

First Option: For this, first go to the 'Call Settings' choice on your cell phone. At that point, you click on the 'Call Forwarding' choice. When you click on it, you will see three additional alternatives I) 'Generally Forward', ii) 'Forward When Busy' and iii) 'Forward When Unanswered'. Select the 'Consistently Forward' alternative and enter a number that is either shut or not working. At that point, click on the Enable catch. This will stop all approaching calls to your number. With this, you can likewise utilize versatile information with no issue. 

Second Choice: Go to your cell phone settings and tap on the sound. After this, select the choice 'Don't upset' and tap on the call. When you tap on the call, select 'Don't Allow Any Calls' from the popup menu. Presently turn off the 'permit rehash guests' switch. 

Third Option: Apart from these two choices, you can stop the approaching call by utilizing the 'Call Barring' technique. For this, you need to go to the call settings on the telephone. In the call settings, you will see the choice of cutting edge setting, click on it. You will see the choice of 'Call Barring'. Presently tap on the 'All Incoming calls' choice and enter the call Barring secret phrase. This secret word is generally 0000 or 1234. Presently tap on Turn On and you won't get any approaching call.

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