As per the new regulations introduced by Indian government, citizen will no more be required to carry their physical driver license or its copy until they have a scanned copy with them. As of now, electronic copies of driver’s license can be used as valid document anywhere. An advisory has been issued to each state that all documents in electronic format will be a valid id proof and it will be accepted all over the India. 

Prior only physical copies of identity proof and other essential documents were accepted. It was difficult to carry so many documents at the same time from place to another. Also, citizen had a fear of losing important documents. In case of misplace of any important document, the procedure of reissue was also quite tedious and time taking. So, as to avoid all these issues, government has launched this new regulation of acceptance of electronic driver license. 

The project was successfully launched by PM Modi in the year 2015 which soon got acceptance everywhere. As of now government has already issued a rule of acceptance of electronic documents in all states of India. The rule entails that, all the government bodies must start officially accepting and recognizing electronic driver license as a legal document for various formalities. This is a part of government’s digital India initiatives and it is believed that this step of paperless governance will surely raise India digitally. 

As of now, one can simply scan their driver license with the help of cam scanner or doc scanner and keep an electronic copy of original document for all essential work. Government has introduced rule with an idea of paperless governance. This will surely make life simpler and fast for citizens. Not only in the government institutes, the digital copy of license can now be used as photo Id proof in airport and railway stations. The concept of paperless governance will surely bring necessary changes and innovation in country. Just in few years, it will be accepted in all government bodies firmly. With this, people will no more be required to carry or produce the physical document until and unless it is strictly required. 

 It is easy to understand that now digital copy of driver license can be widely used by citizens. From now onwards, citizens who will be applying for new driver license can actually get the electronic copy of it. In just a few months government departments and organization will have all right to issue direct electronic copy of essential documents including the driver license directly to the citizens. 

Not only driver license, all documents including car registration, voter ID, PAN card, school and college certificates will now be accepted without any issue when presented in digital form. So, now you will not have any fear of loss or misplace of your important documents anywhere because you can keep the original copy at home and can carry the scanner copy with you in electronic form. 

Image Credit : Amazon