Washing hands and utilizing sanitizers have become a fundamental piece of one's life in the midst of pandemics. Nonetheless, continuous utilization of cleanser-based cleaners can cause the hands to feel dry and irritated. Assuming you also have been encountering something similar, we have the ideal solutions for you. Peruse on to know more. 

What Befalls The Skin? 

The top layer of our skin shapes the key defensive layer. In any case, regular handwashing with redundant openness to water, cleanser, and cleaning agents upsets the layer and, with time, prompts dry skin, irritation, or serious hypersensitivity. 

This prompts skin conditions like contact dermatitis. 

How Would You Be Able To Respond? 

The ayurvedic specialist suggests we share how straightforward advances can help. Cleanser sensitivity deteriorated with continuous utilization of sanitizers is normal these days. Normally, it might look extremely basic yet the individuals who endure realizing how limiting it is, as per the experts. Likewise, for the most part, ask patients with cleanser hypersensitivity to utilize child cleanser, shampoos and child clothing wash fluid till the condition goes under control with medications. 

Some Different Measures Incorporate 

Applying coconut oil, aloe vera gel and drying the hands in the wake of washing dishes and doing clothing. In any case, she referenced that assuming the condition perseveres, you should counsel an Ayurveda specialist and take appropriate drugs. 

Take A Stab At Thinking About Changing To Home Grown Choices 

For washing dishes, one can utilize natural coconut husk, charcoal powder, or weakened great quality dish wash. Wearing reusable elastic gloves prior to doing dishes and clothing can help, as the expert said & suggest. 

For the shower, rather than cleanser or body wash, you may utilize custom-made natural body scours. 

How To Make A Natively Constructed Body Scour? 


100g – Green mung bean 

100g – Rice 

10g – Cinnamon 

10g – Turmeric powder 


• Powder every one of the fixings. 

• Mix well and store in the dry impenetrable holder. 

How to utilize it? 

Use with water or drain and apply like a body clean rather than a cleanser.

Image Credit: Healthshots