Back pain

The addiction to smartphones is such that small or big, these days, everyone looks for smartphones in hand and bows down. Your neck is bent while looking at the phone, which is extremely bad for the spinal cord. This increases cervical pain, causes back pain problems.

Risk of life

Even while driving, the focus is on the phone, just don't miss any messages. In the way of reading this message, meditation is removed from the road, and people lose their lives. So leave the phone and take care of your health.

Bad eyes

One of the primary reasons for the glasses is your phone. Keep chatting on the phone all the time, watching videos on the same, reading news on the phone even in the dark at night, all this is contributing to reducing the light of the eye.

Weak heart

The worse the phone's radiation affects the brain, the more it is on the heart. It blows up red blood cells, which are essential for functioning from the right of the heart.


Research suggests that smartphones emit radiation that is responsible for cancer. However, there is a lack of data to authenticate this research. This is because it is a slow-moving process. It may take 20-25 years for the phone to become a tumor, and so far, the smartphone has not had that much time in our lives.

Lack of sleep

Not shutting down the phone even before bedtime affects your sleep. Even at night, the phone rings due to messages and other notifications, and it breaks to sleep. Either turn off the phone or put it in silent mode or use airplane mode.

Sperm deficiency

The radiation emanating from the phone also affects the sperm count. That is why men are instructed not to keep the phone in their pockets.

Ears too bad

If you put headphones on, your ears are going to get worse more quickly than others. Research shows that the use of headphones increases the number of bacteria in the ear. Call center users are at higher risk.


Joining a plethora of WhatsApp groups leads to a flood of messages on the phone. It is not always possible to read all these times and respond to everyone. These messages from friends and relatives have become a new cause of stress in modern lifestyles.


Where do you use your phone? Do you leave it out before you go to the toilet? Often people don't do that. There are a large number of germs on the phone that stay with you all the time and make you sick.

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