Roposo is India's leading video-sharing social networking platform. The platform, owned by Glans, is built in India, and Roposo is proud to be indigenous. It is available in other 10 Indian regional languages, including English, the app enables users to express themselves using video content in a brief form and connect with others. Roposo's powerful video creation and editing tools allow users to share interesting moments of their lives with others, show their hidden talents, and express their opinions on relevant issues in their native language. The platform has more than 50 million users, and more than 5 billion videos are viewed in a month. Visit www.roposo.com for more information.

When the use of the Internet increased in developing countries, it was like a tv text avatar. Some prominent institutions have controlled it. We, the people, were just consumed. Then the first generation 'bloggers' began to change it. The Internet can now be used to express itself. At the same time, another trend of 'apps' on smartphones began to run. Apps developed by the US and China were transferred to India. Its features were forcefully dominated by black coffee-drinking product managers over 'Indian sensibilities.'

Roposo, on the other hand, is the product of Indian brains. This team consists of members from different parts of India who understand the diversity that gives texture to our society. This base is important in creating a video product for India. One can argue that AI/AI is not an ML technology can understand true India and create an addictive product for us. Technology is just a tool that can be used to implement the team's ideals. If the 'data' decides whether the product should be made, such products will have no soul.

In Roposo, people believe that everyone wants to share themselves in their own unique way and feel comfortable doing so. Just because 'lip-syncing' is trending, not everyone needs to create such content, a soulful poem text will still be more like many people. Roposo channels create a variety of themes around which different communities are formed. These communities use the same Roposo camera tool in interesting and unique ways to express themselves. This team is working very hard to simplify the Roposo camera, but it is compelling with relevant (contextual) filters and quirky effects. Millions of people in India are associated with communities of their choice on Roposo in their own languages.

Roposo is now a platform where any video maker gets India's camera tools and communities to identify and interact within their mother tongue. Freedom of expression and existing audiences have given any creators the chance to become Roposo stars. These stars attract more people from outside the platform to Roposo when they discover their unique forms of expression. This is the victory of both the creators and the Roposo. This increase could mean generating more revenue on Roposo because a lot of people spend more time here, and they try to be fair with creators and share this revenue with them as Roposo coins.

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