In today's time, pan cards are mainly used in financial transactions. Also, it works as an ID card. If you work in the organized sector, it is necessary to have a pan card to get a salary. You will also have a PAN card with a Permanent Account Number inscribed just below the date of birth. It is an alphanumeric number of 10 digits, which everyone wants to understand. Let me tell you here that these alphanumeric numbers recorded on the pan card have a special meaning, and some kind of information is hidden.

Take your pan card in hand to understand pan numbers. Now, if you look at it, you will find that an alphanumeric number is recorded just below the date of birth. Pan begins with some letters of English, which are written in large letters.

Let's know how your entire horoscope can be removed from the PAN card:

  • According to the Income Tax department, the initial three digits of any pan show the alphabetic series of English. In this alphabetic series, there can be any three-letter series of English from AAA to ZZZ. It decides the income Tax department.
  • The fourth letter of pan shows the status of the taxpayer. For instance, if P is in the fourth place, it shows that this pan number is personal, i.e., one person. At the same, F shows that the number is of a firm. Similarly, c shows the government from the company, AOP to the Association of Person, T to Trest, H to undivided Hindu family, B to the body of an individual, L to local, J to artificial judicial person, G.
  • The fifth digit of the pan is also a letter of English. This pan card shows the first letter of the holder's name. For example, if someone has a name Kumar or Khurana, the fifth digit of the pan will be K.
  • There are four digits after the first letter of the name. These numbers can be any four digits between 00001 and 9999. These numbers show the series of income tax departments that are running at that time.
  • The 10th digit of pan card is also a letter of English. According to the Income Tax department, it can be an alphabet check digit. It can be any letter between A and Z.

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