Everyone uses smartphones in today's time, but if everyone is asked how much you know about your device, hardly anyone will be able to answer it correctly. Let me tell you today about some of the special features of smartphones that you may know. 

Use two apps at once:

If you also want to use two apps simultaneously, you need to use the split-screen feature. For this, you first open an app and then tap on the three dots above it. Here you will see the split-screen written. Tap on it. Now you can do more or less the screen of the app before you can. Use this same method for another app.

Activate two fingerprints: 

Sometimes it happens that we set the right-hand fingerprint on our phone, but in case the right hand is busy, we get upset. To avoid such a situation, you can add 5 fingerprints to your phone. For this, go to security and location in settings and click on the fingerprint. You will then get the option of add fingerprint, from where you can add a maximum of 5 fingerprints.

Don't worry about deleted photos and videos:

It is good if it is not with anyone, but God is not the most worrying phone number, video, photo, and files. You can auto-backup on. For this, go to the system in the phone's settings and turn on the backup and select your Gmail ID, click backup now. Although it is not done on the Wi-Fi network, the phone's data will be exhausted when there are more files.

Get rid of useless notifications:

People usually get upset with repeated notifications. Obviously, you will also be disturbed. So to get rid of it, you have to press for some time on the incoming notification. Now you will see the block and mute options here. Through these two features, you can stop the notification. If you want to stop notifications completely, click block option. In addition, you can turn off the notification for some time by clicking on the mute option.

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