On the off chance that you think it is simply conceivable to be in one spot at one time, you are off base. Earth houses a few areas that let you be in two nations immediately. The following are five spots in the reality where you can go to two nations.

Mount Everest: China and Nepal

Mount Everest is the most noteworthy mountain on the planet and sits between two nations - Nepal and China. You can either have a go at getting over the gigantic mountain from the southern side of Nepal or the northern side of China. Independent of the courses, when you arrive at the pinnacle of Mount Everest, you will wind up remaining in both China and Nepal simultaneously.

Baarle town: Belgium and the Netherlands

Known as the world's most perplexing Bordertown, Baarle has around 20 parcels, among which some have a place with the Netherlands while some are under Belgium. Certain territories of the Netherlands are complete amidst Belgium as well as the other way around. This was caused because of various age-old deals, land trades, deals, and arrangements between middle age dukes that split the land randomly.

L'Arbezie Franco-Suisse: Switzerland and France

At L'Arbezie Franco-Suisse inn and café, you can encounter both Swiss and French foods. Inherent 1863, the eatery has Swiss and French sides with a bar in the center. Situated on the level des Rousse, on the boundary between France and Switzerland, the flight of stairs of the inn begins in France and you will arrive in Switzerland at the thirteenth step.

Pettigo town: Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Pettigo is a little town that lies on the boundary of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Termon River was picked as the splitting line between the two nations by the 1925 Boundary Commission. On the Northern Ireland side, the British banner is flown with red telephone stalls, while the opposite side waves the Irish tricolor banner with white and blue corners.

Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls: Canada and US

Involving three cascades, the Niagara Falls length the boundary between New York, US, and Ontario, Canada. The Horseshoe Fall is the biggest of the three and is on the Canadian side. American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are more modest and on the US side. The Rainbow Bridge here joins the two nations, and someplace in the center, you are in the two US and Canada.

Image Credit: NewsBytes