Durga Puja is a celebration that is praised in India, yet in addition in numerous different nations, including Australia, the UK, the US, and numerous others. These nations praise the celebration with much energy and imprints when the bubbly mindset and dreamlike climate that encompasses the celebration draw in individuals, all things considered, to be a piece of the festivals. 

Here is a rundown of different nations where Durga Puja is praised like India. 


Otherwise called Dashain, Nepal commends it as a 10-day celebration. The nation additionally praises this celebration on similar dates as India and follows the greater part of the examples of festivity. Here, the King assumes a conspicuous part during this fabulous 10-day celebration. Dashin observes strict recognition, yet it is additionally when individuals likewise have some time off from their work to invest energy with their families when every open establishment, school, and university stays shut, and transports don't handle. 


The nation, being home to the second-biggest gathering of Hindu Bengalis, observes Durga Puja in the most prospering way. The celebration is praised in pretty much every city and locale. Sanctuaries are improved with icons of the goddess, where lovers go to implore and look for endowments for harmony and success. 

The United Kingdom 

Durga Puja is praised by the dwelling Indian people group with incredible enthusiasm. A few coordinators import icons of Goddess Durga and commend this event in the most bona fide Bengali way. These affiliations further lead exercises for individuals to draw in with one another and spread love and solidarity during this time. 

The United States of America 

Durga Puja is praised in the US with much energy and enthusiasm, generally in light of the fact that there are a lot of Indians living there, particularly Bengalis. Festivity of this 5-day celebration began here in the mid-1970s and is presently being commended in every one of the 50 conditions of the country. A few relationships the nation over sort out this 5-day celebration with full commitment, where individuals accumulate, meet, welcome, and hang out to celebrate. 


According to the records, Durga Puja was at first begun in 1974 by 12 families in New South Wales; it is presently celebrated in every one of the significant urban areas of Australia! In Sydney, huge loads of Bengali workers, and different individuals from the Indian diaspora, assemble on the principal day of the puja and set the ball moving for additional festivals.

Image Credit: Silliconindia