More than 200 countries are currently battling the coronavirus spread all over the world from China's Wuhan. All the nations are making arrangements in their own way to deal with the corona. When it came to saving the country from the global epidemic corona, the Indian youth power developed a technology used to prevent disease, which could not be done by affluent countries like the United States, Italy, Germany, and China. In distress, from IIT, NIT, IISc students, scholars to scientists, in limited resources despite night-day lockdown, cheap portable ventilator, robots, drones, test kits, masks, sanitizer, face sheets, gloves to PPE kits to health workers were prepared and handed over to the Government of India. In order to identify corona patients, these people of the country have made smart apps that all the information will reach the government itself due to technology.

The students of IIT Delhi have created an app that will inform the patients who are in touch with the COVID-19 victims. According to Arshad Nasser, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Design, IIT Delhi, the app using 'Bluetooth' will track and alert all persons who have been exposed to or have passed around the coronavirus in the past days. The date and area of contact with the infected person will also be known through this app. It also uses temporary network analytics to understand the risk trend from distant connections. At the same time, the app can help assess the spread of the disease and identify those who are likely to be affected by the virus.

A B.Tech student from IIT Ropar has developed a mobile app called "Sampark-O-Meter," which can indicate areas prone to maximum infection of coronavirus through maps. Sahil Verma, a student who developed the app, said, "The app generates a 'risk score' after considering various factors and can alert people to take precautionary measures, including keeping themselves in isolation or contacting a doctor. Also, a team of students and alumni from IIT Bombay has created a mobile app called 'Quarantine.' This will help track people with coronavirus symptoms or suspected to be exposed to the virus. If a person comes out of his solitude, the person will be traced through it.

SMS information in the absence of internet

Professor Kamal Jain of the Civil Engineering Department of IIT Roorkee has developed a tracking app that can strengthen the monitoring system needed to prevent coronavirus. Pro. According to Jain, this app can alert the person from corona positive to isolation for any violation. If GPS data is not found, the location will be automatically found through the mobile tower. If the internet is not running in any area, SMS can also get location. 

Go Corona Go App Will identify suspected patient

The team from IISc, Bengaluru, has developed the 'Go Corona Go' app. IISc Faculty Mambar Dr. Tarun Ranbha said that the app can identify people who have come in contact with the infected or suspects from Kovid-19 through Bluetooth and GPS. It also uses temporary network analytics to understand the risk trend from distant contacts. This will help in assessing the spread of the disease and identifying those who are likely to be affected by the virus. 

Tents will not infect doctors and workers

Professor Dhiraj Kumar Mahajan of IIT Ropar has made a tent (9 times 8 plastic sheet) on the lines of South Korea to protect the Corona Warriors from infection, which will not allow the virus to come out. The wind that will exit the tent will be treated and removed. Pro. Claims that their study on the creation of testing stations has been completed. Korea has not controlled the virus with the help of the same testing stations. It will have blood, Hepa filters. The patient will be placed in this plastic tent.

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