Delhi has been in the news for having crazy amounts of pollution and always being on top of the list. So when we even see the slightest of change in the statistics, it acts like a ray of hope (and clean air) to us Delhiites living under the smoke since so long.  

The Delhi air, after what seems like forever, has finally improved a tad bit leaving the temperature normal and the AQI of 322. Although this still falls under the “very poor” category, it is a lot better from Tuesday’s “severe” category.   Tuesday’s data and observation was notably poor than that of Monday’s which showcased an AQI of 372, also categorised in the “very poor” scale according to the CPCB.  

This was the sixth time in the 19 days of January that the AQI in Delhi had deteriorated to the "severe" zone. With that good news, the Indian metrological department has also forecasted the temperatures of Wednesday to be normal both in its highs and lows. The minimum is expected to be 6-7 degrees and the maximum can be about 19 degrees celsius.

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