People have turned to Virus Tracker apps to avoid coronavirus spread across China. The Chinese are tracking the infected people around them through these virus tracking apps and mapping programs to avoid the infection of this dangerous virus. Chinese data mapping company QuantUrban and third party WeChat mini program developers have done such mapping and tracking platforms. These platforms provide live updates to the case facing this deadly virus. Because of that, users can mapping people around them and avoid this dangerous virus. Through these mapping and tracking platforms, users will be able to map geographically how far they are from an infected patient.

In China, more than 400 people have died due to this dreaded virus infection so far, and thousands of people are reeling under the deadly virus. These mapping apps will continue to receive live updates about the Quant urban area of Schengen and Guanzhou. About 245 people have been affected by the deadly virus in China's Schengen city on Monday. Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are the cities worst affected by this virus. With the help of these mapping platforms, people will be comforted that no such new case can come to the fore.

Volunteers are helping to keep these mapping platforms updated. The data is being released by the government on a daily basis, which these volunteers are regularly updating so that people can get information about the infected people around them. Not only that, the Chinese social media platform Weibo has also launched a campaign for people to avoid this deadly virus infection.

Now, this disease has been an epidemic. In a report, China has said that the virus has come not from the seafood market but its laboratory. But some questions raised here instinctively. Firstly, what was this virus doing in China's experiment? Why did this virus arrive in China's experiment? However, China has not disclosed what this experiment has done. Or what kind of laboratory it is. The mystery is yet to be taken off. The Coronavirus infection is near the Hunan seafood market being called the center. The Wuhan Institute of Virology National Biosafety Lab researches on deadly viruses. The Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory is 32 km away from the Wuhan seafood market. It is also lab level 4 certified. Level 4 lab is used for diagnostic work and experimentation on quickly transmitted pathogens, which can begin deadly infections. These include several viruses known to cause viral hemorrhagic fever such as Marburg virus, Ebola virus, Lassa virus, and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever. Questions are being raised in all reports about the origin of the virus, but the Chinese government has kept mouth shut on it.

Image credit: usatoday